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30XBEZE 200-1200 / 30XBPZE 200-400 Air-Cooled Fixed-Speed Screw Chiller

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Nominal cooling capacity 210 – 1170 kW – 50 H

  • Very economical operation
  • Low sound levels
  • Simple installation
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Exceptional reliability

They use the latest Carrier technologies:

  • Refrigerant R-1234ze
  • Carrier 06T twin-rotor fixed-speed screw compressors
  • Low noise 6th generation of Carrier Flying BirdTM fans with variable speed AC motor (30XBEZE) or variable speed EC motor
  • Carrier flooded shell-and-tube evaporator with new copper tube design for low pressure drops 2nd generation of “V” shape Carrier NovationTM microchannel heat exchangers with optional Enviro-Shield coatings
  • Carrier SmartVuTM control with color touch screen user interface that includes 10 languages

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