At Carrier, we incorporate sustainability into all that we do. To us, it’s only natural.

From innovative solutions to green factories to services developed to increase efficiency, Carrier is a leader in sustainability. Solutions are our business. We pioneered the use of natural refrigerants in the food retail world, and continuously invest in research and development to improve our products and processes while protecting the natural environment.

Reduced environmental impact and greater energy efficiency? Sounds cool.

As a company that does business with the environment in mind, it makes sense that the inspiration for one of our most sustainable technology breakthroughs came from the atmosphere itself. We’re talking about carbon dioxide – a gas that is naturally occurring in our atmosphere, available worldwide, and now, the refrigerant in our environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems. A pioneer in CO2 commercial refrigeration technology, Carrier has invested extensively in the development of transcritical CO2 systems for more than 10 years. In that time, we have leveraged advanced manufacturing processes, new, patented components and new materials to make CO2 a viable refrigerant. The result is the CO2OLtec® refrigeration system. The Carrier CO2OLtec® system represents one of the industry’s most sustainable solutions for commercial refrigeration. It uses natural refrigerant CO2 technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for food retailers. In fact, installing a CO2OLtec® system enables up to an impressive 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared with traditional HFC refrigeration systems. The system also has a negligible global warming impact due to refrigerant leaks. Since its launch in 2009, 1400 stores throughout Europe have been equipped with innovative CO2OLtec®technology. Collectively, customers using CO2OLtec® have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 389,000 tons, equivalent to removing more than 87,000 cars off the road. Perhaps most impressive of all, CO2OLtec® helps customers achieve this impressive level of sustainability while maintaining optimal performance and reliability, and reducing energy costs by an average of 10% in mild to cold climates. These climates include the majority of Europe – areas above the well-known “CO2 equatorline” with average annual temperatures of up to 15 degrees C. Of course, Carrier is committed to bringing energy benefits to Southern Europe as well. In order to bring viable CO2 technology to all of Europe, Carrier has worked to eliminate the CO2 equatorline in Southern Europe and design CO2 systems that are at least as efficient as conventional refrigeration technologies in this region. In Italy and Spain, for example, Carrier has installed several CO2OLtec® refrigeration systems that have been improved specifically to allow for greater energy efficiency at higher ambient temperatures. So no matter where you are in Europe, Carrier can deliver refrigeration systems that are not harmful to the planet – and are beneficial to your budget.

With CO2OLtec® Integral solutions, sustainability, refrigeration, space heating and cooling all come together.

Sure, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration is a leading supplier of high-efficiency turnkey refrigeration systems and services in the food retail industry. But our commitment to helping customers reduce environmental footprints, increase energy efficiency and optimize performance extends well beyond refrigeration. Our CO2OLtec®Integral solution is a perfect example. The innovative CO2OLtec® Integral solution combines a store’s entire refrigeration, space heating and cooling into one system. The use of this CO2 technology for refrigeration as well as for heating and cooling of the store eliminates the need to use traditional heating systems and their fossil fuel consumptions. Here’s how it all works: all the waste heat created during the refrigeration process is collected and redistributed for space heating via the CO2OLtec® module. The system leverages an incorporated heat pump to generate additional heat during the cold months and enables cooling of the supermarket whenever needed. The complex integration of the refrigeration, heating and cooling applications is managed by Carrier`s control system that is specifically designed to ensure optimal energy efficiency. Speaking of energy efficiency, choosing the CO2OLtec® Integral solution allows food retailers to benefit from up to 35% reduction in energy costs. Plus, thanks to the use of the natural refrigerant CO2, customers also see a reduction of up to 58% in the system´s carbon footprint while remaining unaffected by ever-changing refrigerant regulations. CO2OLtec® savings calculator: Explore the benefits The CO2OLtec® savings calculator – calculates savings by utilizing waste heat of the CO2OLtec® refrigerating system. By providing a few details,the energy cost savings which can be achieved by heating the building with CO2OLtec® integral or CO2OLheat®are calculated.* The multi compressor refrigeration systems, cooling of the refrigerated display cabinet, the cold rooms and eventually the building, exclusively use the natural refrigerant CO2. The operation of the solution CO2OLtec® Integral is graphically described in summer, winter and in the transitional seasons on another information level. It identifies various components of the refrigeration system and points out the advantages and disadvantages of various concepts. For example, different heat sources are evaluated, which can be used to cover peak heat loads. The soil, ground water, air, fossil fuel or electricity is also assessed. Further, various kinds of heat transfer in the building are evaluated, such as ceiling cassettes, static radiators, a central ventilation unit or a thermally activated floor tile. With the CO2OLtec® Integral solution, you can count on optimal temperature for customers, staff and products all year round, all while enjoying big benefits to the environment and your bottom line. *Estimation by simplified calculation model, average building assumptions and a refrigeration system with refrigerant CO2. This cannot replace the analysis and calculation of an individual project.

We create solutions today, with tomorrow in our mind.

At Carrier, “sustainability” is more than a phrase – it’s been a large part of who we are from the very beginning. And as part of our commitment to sustainability, we are always seeking new ways to help customers reduce energy usage and preserve our natural resources for future generations. Our food retail refrigeration systems present an incredible opportunity to do just that. In today’s supermarkets, refrigeration systems are by far the single biggest energy consumer. In fact, more than 40% of the average store’s total energy consumption is attributable to refrigeration. Plus, up to 60% of the TEWI (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) of a refrigeration system is caused by energy consumption. These numbers illustrate the impact that implementing more efficient systems can have on the environment – and energy costs. Carrier is dedicated to partnering with customers to help reduce operating costs and environmental impact despite spiraling energy prices, increasing energy consumption through longer store opening hours and constant expansion of the range of goods to be refrigerated. To tackle these challenges, Carrier offers innovative solutions like the CO2OLtec® system, which uses the natural refrigerant CO2 to help customers reduce energy costs by up to 10% in mild to cold climates. Additionally, our CO2OLtec® Integral solution combines an entire store’s refrigeration, space heating and cooling into one system for up to 35% reduction in energy costs. Carrier also offers a complete range of chilled and frozen food refrigerated display cases that have enhanced energy-saving features. This is featured in our product program called e*cube. (e*cube refers to the “energy, efficiency, environment” enhancement measures for all our goods and services)

  • Energy: energy saving over the entire lifecycle
  • Efficiency: sustained performance in temperature, food quality and energy efficiency
  • Environment: significant carbon footprint reduction for the entire refrigeration system

Using this approach, we have developed Evolution 6, the next generation of energy saving solutions for retail formats. This range of refrigerated cabinets serves as the new benchmark in terms of merchandising space and refrigeration performance for customers operating all store types. In addition to new solutions, we offer service agreements, remote services and upgrades to existing cabinets to support improved performance and ensure maximum efficiency. More information on these services can be found on our After Sales Support.

At Carrier, we practice sustainability inside and out.

Carrier’s approach to sustainability is rooted partially in the idea that green products must start at a green company. Since being acquired by Carrier and becoming a part of United Technologies in 2004, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration has continuously set realistic and achievable goals and objectives that reduce our environmental impact. Across all of our operations, Carrier is dedicated to programs and initiatives relating to our environmental, health and safety (EHS)performance. We continuously measure and report our performance toward our sustainability goals, which include targeted reductions for greenhouse emissions, water consumption and industrial waste generation and promote employee safety. Beyond our operations, we extend our environment, health and safety commitment to our suppliers. Our global supplier EHS initiative is focused on ensuring that 100% of all critical suppliers meet our expectations, which include safe working conditions for all employees and minimizing impact to the environment. So what do these environmental objectives and achievements mean to you? As a customer, you can rest assured that you’re working with a partner who does more than simply talk the talk when it comes to sustainability. It’s part of who we are, over and over again.

Environmental regulations are constantly changing. Our commitment helping you to stay compliant is not.

In Europe, regulatory initiatives related to the environment and energy efficiency of products and buildings are numerous and complex. To make matters more difficult, these regulations are evolving over time. Fortunately, Carrier offers sustainable products and services to help ensure that regulatory issues are a non-issue for you. Here’s a quick look at some of the latest European regulation trends:

  • The new European F-Gas Regulation EU/517/2014 for the 28 European Union member states imposes a phase-down scheme and specific use restrictions in stationary refrigeration and air conditioning applications for HFC refrigerants and requires more frequent mandatory leakage checks of HFC refrigeration systems with a proper recording of the refrigerant charge refills and frequencies.
  • Several European countries have enacted or proposed taxes based upon the Global Warming Potential of HFC refrigerants used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
  • Some EU countries are offering tax incentives or subsidies for the use of natural refrigerants and energy efficiency improvements of such systems.

Carrier solutions can help you easily avoid issues and even take advantage of the financial benefits of government incentives. Our CO2OLtec® solutions, for example, use the natural refrigerant carbon dioxide, which has a GWP of 1. By implementing a CO2OLtec® solution, you are protecting yourself;from GWP-related taxes, F-Gas Regulations and any new regulations related to HFCs that may emerge in the future. CO2OLtec® is just one example of the innovative Carrier solutions that can help you reduce energy consumption and environmental impact to avoid the headaches frequently associated with regulatory issues. As your partner for commercial refrigeration solutions, Carrier is happy to work with you to better understand changing regulations and how our products and services can help you navigate them. Click here to read about Carrier position on the new EU F-Gas Regulation (EU / 517/2014)